Hay House Radio broadcasts my talk at the Toussaint Academy in San Diego

I am delighted to say that Hay House Radio are broadcasting the talk I gave recently in San Diego to the young people at the Toussaint Academy. This talk was part of the "Authors in Action" initiative started by Melanie Lococo, the Director of Giving, at Hay House.

It was such a highlight and an honour for me to give this talk at the Toussaint Academy.

Click here to listen to the broadcast, and find out how to get the show "On Demand" after it's original air time. There is also a link on this page to the transcript of an interview I gave during my time in San Diego for the I Can Do It! conference.

P.S. Imagine this: one day every
organization in the world will have a Director of Giving!

Be Happy Online - Week 2: The Happy Self - April 22nd

I hosted Part One of the Be Happy Online course last Wednesday, April 15th, and had a great response.  Thank you very much to all of you who called in and sent e-mails.  It was great fun to do, and I am looking forward to hosting Part Two this week.

Part Two of Be Happy Online is entitled:  The Happy Self.   This week, I will introduce you to the #1 Happiness Principle. I will also explore the difference between the pursuit of happiness and following your joy.  As before, I will offer a mix of principles and exercises, and I will also take your calls and e-mails.

If you missed the first week, don’t worry.  You can download it if you purchase a full ticket for theBe Happy Online course.

As a special offer, Hay House are offering for those who book now a complimentary copy of my flip calendar Happiness NOW.

To purchase a ticket for the full Be Happy Online Course at $99 go to Hay House

To purchase a ticket for just Part Two: The Happy Self of the Be Happy Online Course at $20 click here.

Be Happy Online - Week 1: The Gift of Happiness

On April 15th I will be hosting Part One of the first ever Be Happy Online course. This internet event is hosted by Hay House, publishers of my new book Be Happy.

Part One of Be Happy Online is entitled: The Gift of Happiness. In this seminar, I will teach you how to create a definition of happiness that you can really live by. I will also talk about the happy learning curve and show you how to identify your major life lessons about happiness.

As a special offer, Hay House are offering for those who book now a complimentary copy of my flip calendar Happiness NOW.

To purchase a ticket for the full Be Happy Online course at $99 go to Hay House.

To purchase a ticket for just Part One of the Be Happy Online course at $20 click here.

Be Happy 8-Week Course Online - Starts April 15th

I am delighted to announce dates for the first ever Be Happy 8-Week course Online. The course is hosted by Hay House publishers, and it consists of a weekly 2-hour live session, in which I will take your calls and respond to your e-mails, while coaching you on essential principles of happiness. You can choose to listen to each session live or on-demand (at a time convenient to you). To purchase a ticket for this event go to Hay House.

As a special offer, Hay House are offering for those who book now a complimentary copy of my flip callendar Happiness NOW.

Below is a short outline of what I will cover on the 8-week program. I hope you can join me.

NOW, for the first time ever, you can take the Be Happy 8-week online course. Step-by-step, Robert introduces you to a set of proven principles and exercises that psychologists have hailed as “a genuine fast-track to happiness.” With his trademark insight, warmth and humor, Robert will share personally with you his distinctive philosophy and practice on how to experience true self-acceptance, everyday abundance, loving relationships, and inner success.

Week One: The Gift of Happiness
Part 1: Defining True Happiness
Create a definition of happiness that really works for you.
Part 2: A Happy Learning Curve
Identify what your life is teaching you about happiness right now.

Week Two: The Happy Self
Part 1: #1 Happiness Principle
Get this principle, and you will attract more happiness instantly.
Part 2: Follow your Joy
Give up the pursuit of happiness and start following your joy.

Week Three: Choosing your Life
Part 1: Choosing Happiness
Learn how to choose happiness, instead of chasing happiness.
Part 2: Healing Unhappiness
Learn how to handle unhappiness in an honest and positive way.

Week Four: Joy Unlimited
Part 1: The Real More
Clarify your life-goals, and commit to what you really want.
Part 2: The Fear of Happiness
Discover how you are limiting your own happiness and success.

Week Five: The Heart of Happiness
Part 1: Your Family Story
Heal old family patterns and commit to living an authentic life.
Part 2: The Relationship Questionnaire
Bring more imagination, creativity, and fun to your relationships.

Week Six: Everyday Abundance
Part 1: The Happiness Contract
Increase your natural capacity for prosperity and success.
Part 2: The Receiving Meditation
Let yourself be so happy you almost feel guilty, but not quite!

Week Seven: Love and be happy
Part 1: Love and fear
Make love more important to you than anything else.
Part 2: The Forgiveness Principle
Give up all hope for a better past, and live happily even after.

Week Eight: Happiness NOW!
Part 1: Milking the Sacred Now
How to make today even more enjoyable than yesterday.
Part 2: Shift Happens!
Your life changes, when you do.

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